Sunday, September 5, 2010 goes

Since the weather is finally cooling off we decided that it would be a good time to start bike riding in the neighborhood.  We all need to get outside after work and after school, and we just need some time to be together.   
Andrew loves bike riding.  He has gotten so good.  He can go so fast us.  But Ben...he tries. He tries so hard, but he is so slow and he talks too much.  He starts off excited...but when we gets to the corner, he is done.  He gets off his bike, takes off his helmet and walks back home.
Oh well...we fixed things for Ben.  Today we got a wagon.  Scott got it all fixed up for the ride. 

While we waited the boys found some entertainment ...lightsabers.  They had so much fun fighting in the yard, chasing each other, being boys. 

They only hit too hard once or twice...

and I sat and laughed at them. 

We had fun on the ride too.  Ben talked too loud and too much as usual and yelled at all the neighbors along the way...but this time it didn't seem to slow him down at all.


  1. This is great Keeli! I am so excited to see pictures of you and your favorite three whenever I want. I love you! Heather

  2. Hmmmm. You are going to force me to join facebook ha? Can't do it. Just email me new pictures please! Oh, and tell Tori to do the same. Love ya, Heather